Fall Home Decorating Ideas

The crisp fall air is an invitation to you to transform your home. What is pleasantly pleasing for summer just doesn’t match the mood for autumn decor. First the kids go back to school, and then you see hints of the leaves erupting into bright color…next you feel the chill creeping into the air.

You need a style with more depth, more warmth.  In New England we experience all four seasons very fiercely, so we’re here to help.

Mink is a decadent faux fabric that supersedes the real thing in look and feel. It’s an innovative fabric that chases away the chill without the weight, perfect for transitional seasons.

Ribbed Mink Faux Fur Reversible Throw
From our sleek mink, this luxurious piece reverses to lush faux fur, accented with parallel channels.

Mink Blanket with Satin Binding
The perfect layer or top of bed in warmer weather, this blanket is the new showpiece of a fabulous hotel chain (we can't tell you which but you'll feel fancy under it too)!

Sablesoft Throw
A staple of our original luxury offering, this throw boasts the drape and grace of mink in bold, solid colors.

Foliage Print Sablesoft Throw
Nature without the florals - this foliage print brings some whimsy to sablesoft mink, in complementary palettes.

Genuine Serasoft Toss Pillow
Available in perfect autumnals, from Rust to Chocolate, this classic Berkshire Blanket product makes for a quick seasonal swap.

Berkshire Flannel Quilt Mini Set
Nothing pulls a space together like a pre-matched stylish bedding set. This easy autumn update is in the bag!

Four-Season Microfleece Sheets
Every season is the right time for these crusaders of comfort, but there's nothing better than cozy when the nights first turn chilly.

Need to update your space? This is the perfect time to organize and incorporate new decor into your home. An easy way to update the look of your bedroom for under $100 is to treat yourself to a new comforter and pillows.

Add a bursting pop of color (think leaves: orange, red, or yellow) to change the look of any room, large or small.

And don’t forget about our all-season Microfleece Sheets! A fall must-have for your bed. Once you sleep with these sheets you’ll never go back to your old ones.

Fall Blankets & Throws

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Aqua Print Black and White Print Plum Print Khaki Print
Sale: $34.00
Sablesoft™ is a mink fabric that makes a luxe décor throw. This print shows foliage in a subdued print that's appropriate for all seasons. It takes the edge off of chills, but won't overheat you. Slink this mink over the arm of a leather sofa or leave it on the reading room chair for comfort. This is also a top choice for a housewarming gift because the print is interesting, fun, and looks luxe, but will match a variety of décor. It has that something extra for a plush throw.

  • Fabric: Sablesoft
  • Size: 60 x 70 inches
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 1 inch stitched
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: Low
  • Warmth: All season
Black Cream
There is nothing faux-looking or feeling about this haute creation. Channels of faux mink run down its length, in snowy white or night sky black. The ribs of fur feel luxurious and stand out on white, but add subtle interest to the black mink. Real fur has nothing on this throw – except a guilty conscience.

Pair it with these home décor inspirations: fireplace, animal mounts, leather sofa, or rich wood paneling. Looks fabulous with our matching pillow in black.

  • Fabric: Faux Fur (acrylic/polyester blend)
  • Size: 50 x 70 inches
  • Movability: Thick, holds shape
  • Border: 1.5 inch Polymink
  • Reverse: Faux fur reverses to smooth Polymink
  • Fabric height: High
  • Warmth: Heavyweight
Cream Navy Oyster Steel Grey Burnt Red Mocha Latte Blue Stencil Flower Bud Green
Serasoft is our exclusive plush fabric, developed for exceptional warmth, comfort and durability. This high quality fabric is now available in decorative pillows that complement our Serasoft blankets and throws.

Try a collection in various colors to create a palette of cozy hues, or match them to your bedding, blankets and throws to complete the look.

Tremendously comfortable, cozy and chic, these toss pillows look at home on a chair, couch or bed.

  • Fabric: Serasoft
  • Size: 18 x 18 inch square
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: Low
  • Warmth: All season décor
Sage Grey Ivory Medium Blue Pecan Raspberry
$32.00 - $72.00
These all-season fleece sheets are a bedding innovation: the perfect cocoon for everyone who craves coziness and softness. Better than flannel sheets, this fabric is non-pilling and breathable, allowing for years of quality use and seasons of comfortable slumbers. Superior to cotton, our sheets are made using advanced technological fabrication techniques so even in the stickiest of summer heat, they breathe and wick moisture.

"My husband and I love them! They are like the cherry on top of our already comfortable bed."
- Jackie C., BB customer

  • All sheet sets include a fitted bottom sheet and a flat top sheet.
  • The King, Queen and Full sets each come with two pillowcases,
    and the Twin includes one pillowcase.
  • Luxurious softness, superior comfort, non-pilling microfibers.

Please see the “Size & Fit” tab for detailed sizing information.
Brookfield Plaid
$119.00 - $129.00
Sale: $85.00 - $95.00
We've combined the timeless beauty of a plaid quilt and the snuggly softness of a Berkshire Blanket to create this comforter...there’s nothing like it anywhere. Quilted ridges on top of the flannel pattern add texture, and the berber underneath is warm and fuzzy. This matched bed set comes with two pillow shams for a complete look. Ideal for lodge or cabin decorating, or for the holidays!

  • Fabric: Microflannel and berber
  • Size: This quilt comfortably fits queen and king sized beds.
    The queen is 90 x 90 and the king is 108 x 90 inches.
  • Border: Thin red edge
  • Reverse: Microflannel reverses to berber
  • Fabric height: None-low
  • Warmth: All season
Hello, this is your pillowcase talking. You rest your head on me for 7…8…9 hours a night. Do you know how long that is? A long time to be that close to your face! When you sleep on me, you want something super soft and cushy. And you want only the best fabric against your skin.

Our Microfleece™ sheets are amazing year-round. They're really the perfect linens - wicking and breathable for when it's warm, cozy for chilly nights… and this set of 2 pillow cases is great as spares for your sheet sets, or alone with any sheet set! The neutral cream color goes with everything, and the fleece is so soft. These can tide you over while you're washing your regular fleece sheets, or cover all those extra bed pillows for a nest of cozy comfort!

Each set contains two standard size microfleece pillowcases.
Black Eggplant Cadet Blue Garnet
The Sablesoft™ is a classic throw that's like velvet, but more plush and movable. It is oversized with a generous 50 x 70 inches and comes in gorgeous jewel tones for a lavish color choice. Carefully assembled with elegant construction from premium quality yarns, this throw blanket drapes like it's weighty but offers light warmth for all weather comfort. Once you touch it, you'll realize you deserved this comfort all along. <br>
  • Fabric: Sablesoft
  • Size: 50 x 70 inches
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 1 inch stitched
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: Low-Medium
  • Warmth: All season