When we talk to our blanket lovers over the phone, we hear again and again they are buying a blanket for their furry friend. Cats and dogs love cuddling up with our blankets…usually it starts with them stealing their owners’, then the owners get fed up and buy them their own!

We love our pets so much, but then there is that little tiny detail…all the fur! There is so much of it when they shed! That’s why we present to you our newest innovation in pet accessories – the Cat and Dog Pet Hair Camouflage Blanket. Choose the color of the blanket that most closely matches your pet’s coat, and you’ll be less likely to notice the fur when they shed. And when it gets to be too much, just throw it in the wash. Both cats and dogs adore this blanket made of genuine Serasoft fabric, and so will you!

The Serasoft Happy Paws throw features a bones and paws print and comes in red, tan, and blue. Puppies love this pet throw that’s made soft, plush, and durable just for them. Just watch how quickly they plop down for a nap!

The Extra-Fluffy Throw is also popular with pets. It’s a pet magnet! We have a hunch that it’s because the fabric is so plush and soft that it feels like a stuffed animal toy. The Fluffy goes in the car, on the couch, in their crate, and anywhere you want to make a comfy spot for your pet. It also protects furniture!

We love our pets so much - treat them to their very own cuddle blanket and take back yours!
Dog Throw and Toy Gift Set
Chinchilla Molten Coal
Price $53.00
Throw Me A Bone for Dogs
Olive Dog Bone Plaid Red Dog Bone Plaid
Price $30.00
Cat and Dog Pet Hair Camouflage Blanket
Black Chocolate Smoke Golden Tabby Eskimo
Price $26.00
Sale: $20.00
Happy Paws Dog Throw Blanket
Blue Paw Bone Red Paw Bone Tan Paw Bone
Price $24.00
Extra-Fluffy™ Throw Blanket
Chocolate Navy Smoke Botanical
Price $24.00