Throw Blankets for Pets

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Throw Me A Bone for Dogs
Olive Dog Bone Plaid Red Dog Bone Plaid
Our signature plush Serasoft fabric has gone to the dogs. No, not like that! The adorable plaid pet print pattern on this plush throw is truly for the dogs. Your fur baby will love snuggling up under this amazingly soft fabric. And when it’s time to get some energy out, you can throw him the plush dog bone: sherpa on one side and printed Serasoft on the other. Go fetch!

Throw is 50 x 60” and plush dog bone is 11” long.
Happy Paws Dog Throw Blanket
Blue Paw Bone Red Paw Bone Tan Paw Bone
The Happy Paws Dog Throw Blanket was made especially for your woof woof! Dogs are stealing their owner's blankets worldwide…so we thought it was time to make a throw just for our four-legged friends. Bring it on car rides, on the couch, or wherever your pet has a special spot for naps. It's super plush and features adorable paw prints and dog bones!

"Mommy, please get me one!" - Fido

Throw size 60 x 70 inches.
Cat and Dog Pet Hair Camouflage Blanket
Black Chocolate Smoke Golden Tabby Eskimo
Sale: $20.00
We get frequent calls from customers that go something like this... "You're going to think I'm crazy, but I'm actually ordering this for my dog/cat/other pet. I'm sure you've never heard of this before, but he keeps stealing mine!" In fact, we hear this all the time. Your animals, apparently, have very good taste. So, for our pet lovers, we offer the Cat and Dog Pet Hair Camouflage Blanket! Because it comes in colors designed to match your pet's fur, their natural shedding no longer means having a mess. Choose from golden tabby, eskimo white, black, chocolate brown, or smoke grey to find the color that's the closest match for your furry friend. The Serasoft fabric is sturdy wash after wash, so let your pets think they've stolen this one from you, and go grab a pretty new throw for yourself while you're at it!

Pet throw size 60 x 70 inches.

*Pet not included.
Dog Throw and Toy Gift Set
Chinchilla Molten Coal
Spend any time on our Facebook page and you’ll see plenty of pictures of pups enjoying their Berkshire Blanket throws. Clearly, dogs are as discriminating as their humans when it comes to comfort! For the ultimate treat, this dog gift set is a cute and cozy indulgence for the fur baby in your life. It’s three gifts rolled into one. For playtime, there’s a plush dog bone (no annoying squeaker here!) for hours of fetch. When your pooch is all tuckered out, there’s also a dog blanket--made out of a silky soft plushmink fabric--for contented puppy naps. This set comes in a sturdy woven basket, perfect for keeping all of your dog toys neatly organized in one place.

Throw is 50 x 60” and plush dog bone is 11” long.
Extra-Fluffy™ Throw Blanket
Chocolate Navy Smoke Botanical
The Extra-Fluffy™ throw is a bestseller and one of the most-loved products from Berkshire Blanket. Crafted of high pile, plush fabric, this throw wants to be hugged. Have you snuggled with a Fluffy lately? If you have, you know how super plush it is, like wrapping yourself in a cuddly stuffed animal. Share the Extra-Fluffy love with guests and friends, or get one for your cat or dog (they probably take yours, anyway). This throw, also known as the "fluffie," is comforting, delicious, and just makes you feel good!

  • Fabric: Extra-Fluffy
  • Size: 50 x 60 inches
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 1 inch stitched
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: High
  • Warmth: Heavyweight