Easy-Care Wool-Like Blanket

Get the look and warmth of wool, with a softer feel and easier care.

While wool has a classic charm, a distinctive look and an uncanny ability to chase away the cold, it does have some special needs when it comes to washing and drying, and some people find it unpleasant against the skin. Our hypoallergenic Easy-Care Wool-Like Blanket is a revolutionary design. It mimics the look of wool almost perfectly, with a hand-feel that is very similar but with no hint of the roughness from natural wool. Easier care, softer feel, and the same warmth factor make this blanket perfect as a top-blanket in warmer seasons or a year-round layer for your bed.

  • Fabric: Acrylic/Polyester blend
  • Size: Comfortably fits twin, full, queen and king sized beds. The twin is 60 x 90,
    full/queen is 90 x 90 and the king is 108 x 90 inches.
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 2 inch faux suede binding on the top and bottom,
    1 inch stitched on the sides
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: low-pile dense
  • Warmth: All-season
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E0041 Easy-Care Wool-Like Blanket $64.00 - $94.00
Sale: $32.00 - $66.00