Baby Bedding Blanket in Fleece

Safer snuggles for baby with this antimicrobial, warm fleece blanket.

As new parents, we do everything we can to protect our little, bright souls. If there was something more you could be doing, wouldn't you want to know? Now there is another way to protect your baby as he or she sleeps. The fabric in this baby blanket is not only a cozy fleece, but also contains silver that inhibits the growth of microbes and bacteria. You'll have safer snuggles and warmer cuddles with this fleece.

  • Blanket size 30 x 40 inches
  • 2 inch satin binding
  • X-STATIC® pure silver stripes
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    As awesome as our antimicrobial Forever Safe fabric is, you're still going to need to wash it at some point-after all, it is made for babies! Thankfully, it's not any more complicated than your regular baby laundry.

    For best results, machine wash in cold water separately with your usual detergent. Tumble dry on low heat as high heat and some of our Forever Safe fabrics do not play nicely together. For this same reason, please don't iron the fabric either.

    We do not recommend fabric softeners. And this is a big no-no: do not bleach. Seriously, don't. We know you want your baby's clothes and blankie really clean but bleach will adversely affect the properties of silver, which is a fancy way of saying it won't fight germs anymore. That's bad news, friends.

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    "My daughter had a tough time sleeping though the night because she woke herself up from scratching her head. She had, as the doctor would describe it, the 'worse case of cradle cap' he had ever seen. It got so bad that there was open sore on her head. We applied creams and put mittens on her hands, but I was always worried. Right about this time, we had started to develop the Forever Safe fabrics, and I made a piece of scrap into a hat. The hat kept my daughter from scratching, and I knew the silver would help keep the hat free of bacteria since it was up against her sore. In a few weeks the cradle cap was gone! My daughter slept through the night and Forever Safe was created." -From Berkshire Blanket Vice President of Product Development Mei Higgins on the conception of Forever Safe

    Parents have discovered...

    - X-STATIC uses 99.9% pure silver yarns.

    - Gender neutral silver-grey stripes looks modern against a cream background, perfect for both little girls' and boys' apparel and decor. You can see the silver with your eyes!

    - Silver-enhanced fabric has the look and feel of traditional fabrics - it's still soft
    and plush - never stiff! The amount of silver is so small that you don't feel it with your hand, but yields big results when inhibiting bacteria. Permanent, continuous performance so it won't wash out.

    - Is antimicrobial to prevent microorganisms from growing. It's clinically proven to inhibit the growth of microbes. It's why babies have used silver spoons for centuries!

    - Temperature regulating through breathable and moisture-wicking properties for all season comfort.

    - Resistant to the allergens of mold, mildew, and dust mites.

    - Reduces static cling.

    - Anti-odor to keep clothes and gear fresh-smelling.

    - Silver fibers are a modern, cutting-edge technology most commonly used by hospitals, Olympic athletes, NASA, and US Marine Corps and Army.

    - Tested to be safe and non-toxic for babies and toddlers. Not treated with chemicals or additives. The EPA has approved X-STATIC silver for use in children's products.

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