Microfleece™ Pillowcases, 2-pack

An extra pair of pillowcases to go with your fleece sheets.

Hello, this is your pillowcase talking. You rest your head on me for 7…8…9 hours a night. Do you know how long that is? A long time to be that close to your face! When you sleep on me, you want something super soft and cushy. And you want only the best fabric against your skin.

Our Microfleece™ sheets are amazing year-round. They're really the perfect linens - wicking and breathable for when it's warm, cozy for chilly nights… and this set of 2 pillow cases is great as spares for your sheet sets, or alone with any sheet set! The neutral cream color goes with everything, and the fleece is so soft. These can tide you over while you're washing your regular fleece sheets, or cover all those extra bed pillows for a nest of cozy comfort!

Each set contains two standard size microfleece pillowcases.
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Follow these easy instructions for washing your fleece sheets and you'll enjoy years of cozy softness.

For best results, wash your sheets separately from other laundry in cold water using your regular detergent. If extra cleaning power is needed, you can use non-chlorine bleach without worry.

The washing machine's spin cycle usually does a great job of getting all of the excess water out of the sheets. You can tumble dry them on a low heat setting. Or go old school and hang them up to air dry--they should be ready in no time!

Avoid high heat and excessive agitation to keep your sheets soft and pill free.

What does that mean? Simply put - make sure you don't overload the washer or dryer (washing them separately really is best), use the gentle cycle, and don't use high heat in the washer or dryer. And definitely don't iron them!

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We're the kind of family that has a lot of pillows. I don't know how it happens - it's like we collect them. My husband props himself up in strange ways - there are pillows all around our heads, floating around in the blankets, and inevitably falling on the floor.

Our preschooler comes into our bed when she wakes up in the morning. All the pillows make it hard enough to carve out a spot to stretch out in bed... and our daughter, though still fairly small, is extremely fidgety. Moving things seem to take up more space than still things. I'm sure that's a law of physics...

So our daughter climbs in, fidgets, dances, jiggles, pokes us, and generally makes us uncomfortable. Her ritual demand has become "I want a SOFT pillow!" What we've learned is that if we move over a little, free up a pillow that has a Berkshire Blanket Microfleece pillowcase on it, and stick her little head on it, we can sometimes reduce the general commotion and appease the wild child long enough to get another half hour or so of sleep. This is, as any parent will tell you, Saturday morning gold. Thank you! (Amie, IL)

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