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SoSoft™ Baby Boy Blanket Gift Set
Was: $22.00
Now: $19.00
Welcome the new bouncing baby boy with this adorable set of three 30 x 40 inch SoSoft™ plush baby blankets! The new sports fan is sure to feel safe and secure in one of these soft and snuggly lovies.

  • Fabric: SoSoft
  • Size: 30 x 40 inches
  • Warmth: All season
  • Movability: Wrap and cuddle
  • Border: 1 inch stitched
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: Medium
  • One blanket each in the following colors: Sports print, Peapod green, and Sky Blue
  • Includes reusable white woven basket tied with blue ribbon, perfect for gifting.
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Right after he’s born the first thing the new parents will do (after counting fingers and toes!) is wrap up their little guy up to keep him warm and comfy. Give them three cozy options to choose from. And parents will love the sturdy, reusable woven basket included with each set.
Baby Blanket in Channel Mink
Was: $45.00
Now: $18.00
Baby will be content and cozy wrapped in this channel mink faux fur. Deep ribs add decadence to this cream luxury baby blanket. Yet for all the elegance, it’s still machine washable for easy care. It has a structured feel that’s great for hanging and decorating.

  • Fabric: Channel Mink faux fur (acrylic/polyester blend)
  • Size: 30 x 40 inches
  • Warmth: Heavyweight
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 1.5 inch Polymink binding
  • Reverse: Polymink
  • Fabric height: Faux fur, high; Polymink, low

This luxe baby blanket comes tied with silver ribbon and is a stunning baby shower gift. Or create a memorable newborn photo session with baby nestled against this classic faux fur.
Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket in Tiered Fur
Was: $32.00
Now: $15.00
Wrap baby in faux fur and give them the sweetest slumber. Thin tiers of low pile fur and a minky reverse give this blanket a dreamy feel. This blanket is crib size and the perfect accessory in any nursery. Or lay it out for tummy time; luxuriously silky soft, this baby blanket is machine washable for easy care.

  • Fabric: Tiered Faux Fur (polyester)
  • Size: 30 x 40 inches
  • Warmth: All season
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 4 inch stitched
  • Reverse: Polymink
  • Fabric height: Faux fur, medium; Polymink, low

Colors pink or cloud are the traditional baby girl and boy colors, and cream is a soft neutral. Our signature Berkshire Blanket softness and quality makes these lovely baby shower gifts.
Baby Body Suit in Cotton
Was: $30.00
Now: $18.00
For a while you sat and stared at the first photograph of your baby; the ultrasound. Maybe you wondered what your baby will look like…boy or girl? Which color hair? Which color eyes? Did you stop to imagine the clothes your baby would wear?

  • Sizes small 0-3 months, medium 3-6 months, and large 6-12 months
  • Cotton fabric
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes
  • Short sleeves
  • Snaps at bottom for easy diaper changes

It’s the thing closest to their body, which is so important for their delicate and fragile new skin.Germs are everywhere. Silver stripes enmeshed in the onesie fabric inhibit the growth of microbes and bacteria, continuously working while baby is playing and sleeping. This cotton body suit is soft and soothing for all skin types, and snaps at the bottom for easy diaper changes.
Jungle Safari Toddler Quilt with Satin Binding
Was: $58.00
Now: $52.00
Our jungle animals are marching in a parade! Happy giraffes, lions, elephants and monkeys strut their stuff on this soft and cozy toddler quilt made from our smooth, plush, minky fabric.

  • Fabric: Polymink
  • Size: 50 x 70 inches
  • Matching toddler bed sheets and toddler pillow also available.
  • Warmth: All season
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 1 inch satin binding
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height : Low

This toddler blanket is quilted with a light fill for extra softness and warmth. We’ve added a satin binding edge for a finished look and a silky feel that’s perfect for snuggling with. Your big kid will feel like the king or queen of the jungle!

Complete your toddler’s bedding set with other pieces from our minky bedding collection.
Polymink Fitted Crib Sheets
Babies can sleep up to 20 hours a day—even though it may not feel like it to a sleep deprived parent! With all that time spent off in dreamland, little ones deserve a bed that’s as cozy and soft as can be.

Our indulgently plush minky crib sheet has a silky smooth feel to help comfort baby all night long. They’re perfect for the baby nursery or the big, exciting leap to a toddler bed.
SoSoft™ Baby Girl Blanket Gift Set
Blankets are such a wonderful way to welcome a new life into the world. They provide warmth and comfort to a baby adjusting to life outside the womb. No wonder that for generations the first thing we do after counting fingers and toes is wrap the new bundle of joy in a nice, soft blanket.

  • Fabric: SoSoft
  • Size: 30 x 40 inches
  • Warmth: All season
  • Movability: Wrap and cuddle
  • Border: 1 inch stitched
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: Medium</li>
  • One blanket in each color: butterflies and dragonflies, Pale Strawberry, and Petal
  • Includes reusable white woven basket tied with pink ribbon, perfect for gifting.
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Our Baby Girl Blanket Gift Set is the perfect way to continue this welcoming tradition! It comes with three 30 x 40 inch SoSoft™ plush baby blankets in a sturdy, reusable woven basket.
Snooze Sack Wearable Sleep Blanket in Fleece
Was: $66.00
Now: $38.00
The Snooze Sack zips up over baby to keep him snuggly during naps and nighttime. Baby can still kick and move, but he’ll always be warm because he can’t kick off a loose blanket. Many parents choose the Snooze Sack because it won’t cover the baby’s face and interfere with breathing.

  • Sizes small 0-6 months, medium 6-12 months, and large 12-18 months
  • Fleece fabric
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes
  • Sleeveless

It helps babies sleep longer without waking. Forever Safe™ silver stripes ensure that the fabric is antimicrobial and odor resistant, so that you can wrap your little one in the best and safest fleece.
Velvet Plush Baby Blanket with Zebra
Was: $45.00
Now: $30.00
This plush, faux fur zebra baby blanket is the perfect accessory for a jungle safari themed nursery. Thick chocolate-brown zebra stripes appear diagonally on a khaki base for a deep, rich look. The back reverses to a smooth minky.

  • Fabric: Velvet Plush faux fur (acrylic/polyester blend)
  • Size: 30 x 40 inches
  • Warmth: All season
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: None
  • Reverse: Polymink
  • Fabric height: Faux fur, medium; Polymink, low

This animal print blanket is crib size and the perfect for bedding, as a photo shoot prop, or a soft surface for tummy time. And when it needs a cleaning, just throw it in the washing machine! Tied with silver ribbon, this blanket makes a lovely baby shower gift.
Cozy Circle Twin Quilt & Sham Bedding Set
Was: $75.00
Now: $70.00
No need to break out a can of paint--give your child’s room a quick facelift and a big pop of color with our quilted kids’ bedding set. The bold hues and cozy circle pattern lend a modern décor flair to traditional boys’ and girls’ bedding. It’s fun enough to suit their style but mature enough to last through the current cartoon fad.

  • Fabric: Polymink
  • Size: 60 x 90
  • Warmth: All season
  • Shams: One 26 x 20 inch standard size sham included.
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 1 inch satin binding
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: Low
  • Matching neckroll pillows and rectangular pillows are also available.

Each set includes a snuggly Polymink plush quilted blanket and a pillow sham. Both are finished off with a silky satin binding edge and the twin blanket has a light fill for extra softness and warmth.
Travel Sheet in Fleece
Was: $55.00
Now: $34.00
Baby has a great big world to explore and lots of family and friends to meet! When it’s time for a nap, baby can curl up on this cozy fleece sheet. It’s perfect for his or her travel crib or playpen, and a new mommy staple to keep in the baby bag.

  • Sheet size 26.5 x 38.5 inches
  • Shallow sheet pocket depth
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes

The Silver Fiber® is woven within the fabric of the blanket for antimicrobial and anti‑odor action. This on the go sheet goes the extra mile.
Cuddly Buddies® Hat – Bella Bunny
Was: $20.00
Now: $5.00
The same Cuddly Buddies® characters you know and love are now available in a wearable hat! Your little one will look adorable in this Bella Bunny hat with floppy ears.

  • Fabric: Microfleece
  • Size: Recommended for 1‑3 years, may fit up to 5 years old
  • Warmth: Medium
  • Velcro chin strap
  • Fabric height: Low

Bella is pink with a sweet rabbit face, and she has velcro chin straps to keep her secure. The Microfleece is a medium warmth and is breathable so little heads won’t overheat.
Fitted Crib Sheet in Cotton
Was: $55.00
Now: $32.00
If you prefer cotton for a natural, lightweight feel, our jersey cotton fitted sheet is the perfect choice for baby’s bed. This sheet is gentle and soft, plus the silver stripes also make it antimicrobial so it’s fighting hard against bacteria and odors all night long.

  • Size 27 x 51 inches
  • Sheet pocket depth 7 inches
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes

One of silver’s best qualities is that it’s thermodynamic for a peaceful night's sleep. No more waking up because of overheating! Silver stripes on a cream background make it the ideal gender‑neutral nursery room bedding.
Toddler Bedding Blanket in Fleece
Was: $90.00
Now: $44.00
Just as you want your toddler to be healthy, the fabrics closest to their face should be healthy too. The Forever Safe™ fleece blanket is a special fabric with silver yarns to prevent the growth of microorganisms. Give your little one the newest technology for sleeping through the night!

  • Blanket size 50 x 60 inches
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes
  • 2 inch satin binding

The blanket is fleecy soft, perfect for nighttime sleep or a naptime cozy. It’s breathable and moisture wicking properties regulate temperature for a good night’s slumber - no more waking from a "hot" sleep.
Toddler Bedding Blanket in Serasoft®
Was: $100.00
Now: $52.00
While your toddler is restfully sleeping on a cloud, this blanket has a job to do. Can you say that of your other fabrics? X‑STATIC® silver yarns are working hard to inhibit the growth of bacteria, resist odors, and regulate temperature. Fabrics are safer with silver, and so is your little one.

  • Blanket size 50 x 60 inches
  • 2 inch satin binding
  • X-STATIC pure silver stripes

They will enjoy the fuzzy comfort of plush Serasoft material as they drift off to sleep, and you’ll rest knowing that they are being protected in more ways than one.
Cuddly Buddies® Infant Car Seat Covers - Riley Rabbit
Was: $34.00
Now: $28.00
Leaving the nice warm house and going into the cold outdoor air can be a rough transition for babies. Our adorable Riley Rabbit car seat cover will keep baby snuggly warm and protected from the winter chill.

  • Size: 17 x 22.5 inches, stretches to fit most infant carriers.
  • Elastic all around the edge for a secure custom fit
  • Super-soft shearling plush fabric
  • Zipper closure and fold over snap

Made from our furry Shearloft plush fabric, Riley has big floppy ears and an embroidered carrot on the chest. The front has a zipper to make getting baby in and out of the seat a breeze. And because this blanket fits on the outside of the carrier, it doesn’t get in the way of the harness or affect the safety of the straps.

For carrier style car seats only. Ensure that baby’s face is not covered by the car seat cover and that it does not interfere with breathing. Always use under adult supervision.
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