Antimicrobial Properties

X-STATIC® fibers are permanently bonded with a layer of 99.9% pure metallic silver. This silver layer is the key to X-STATIC silver's powerful antimicrobial properties, as it creates an ionic shield that permanently inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi directly on the surface of the fabric. These microbes are bacteria that can cause disease and infection. They are so tiny that they cannot be seen by the human eye.

If you're not a science person, we'll leave it at this: X-STATIC silver protects fabric from germs. Read on for the geeky explanation (including a ninja analogy)...

Exposure to oxygen and heat causes silver to oxidize, creating silver ions. Positively charged ions are attracted to negatively charged bacteria. Picture the good ninjas fighting the bad ninjas. Silver puts the karate moves on germs. This drastically inhibits bacteria, preventing mutation and reproduction. There is an unlimited reservoir of silver ions, like an unlimited army of ninjas who keep fighting germs day and night. Silver also avoids the resistance that microbes can develop in response to antibiotics and sanitizers. There are no bacterial resistance issues with silver. This proprietary technology is a powerful, natural solution for healthier fabrics.

Chemicals are never used on our Forever Safe™ products. Silver naturally holds these properties. Have you ever heard of babies being fed with a silver spoon? Besides being a modern idiom, the idea of the silver spoon goes back centuries because the silver naturally fought disease-causing bacteria, therefore giving the infant the chance at better health.

Forever Safe products knitted with X-STATIC silver are just as soft and cuddly as the classic Berkshire Blanket soft stuff you are used to. The silver fibers are flexible so the clothing and blankets have the natural look and feel of traditional textiles, while offering all the benefits of pure silver, making them the better choice to safeguard baby against germs.

For additional questions on our antimicrobial technology, please read through our list of frequently asked questions.