Forever Safe™ Fabric Comparison

Our Forever Safe collection is available in three different fabrications: jersey cotton knit, peached fleece, and Serasoft® plush. You may be wondering what the differences are, and why you would choose one over the other. While they are all soft and snuggly, the fabrics are distinctive and each has its benefits.

Determining the best fabric by warmth

First, consider the climate the lucky little recipient of these fabulous blankets and apparel pieces lives in. In a warmer climate with a mild winter, it may be best to choose cotton or fleece because they are lighter fabrics. Cotton is especially light and breathable for hot summer weather. However, if air conditioning is used regularly, Serasoft would provide superb warmth for cooler nights. In the North or Northeast, we recommend cotton for the warmest seasons, plush Serasoft for winter, and fleece for the transitional seasons when balanced temperatures are hardest to find, between outdoor weather fluctuations and indoor supplemental heating or cooling.

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Remember that the pure silver in all Forever Safe materials is key in distributing heat. In all seasons, our fabrications will do a better job at regulating babies' body temperatures than fabric without the added benefit of silver fibers.

Differentiating between all three fabrications

Cotton is a sustainable natural fiber. The blanket is all cotton, with the exception of the sliver fiber. It is lightweight and breathable. It feels like a soft, "well-loved" cotton jersey t-shirt. The jersey is exceptionally smooth and tight-knit. It has a comfortable stretch to it. This is the fabrication to choose when layering multiple Forever Safe products together.

Peached fleece is like regular fleece you are familiar with, but is brushed in a special way to increase the softness. The fabric fibers have very little pile height, though they do appear "fuzzy". The fleece is a medium weight and feels extra soft against the skin. The breathability and moisture-wicking properties allow optimal comfort in all types of weather, and also make this fabric perfect for layering.

Serasoft fabric feels like a plush toy, such as a teddy bear. Sera means "night" in Italian, thus the plush blanket suggests a Soft Night, conjuring up thoughts of a cozy, comfortable sleep. The fabric has a relatively low pile height for a plush, creating a very cozy fuzzy feel without overheating. The fabric is heavier than the fleece and higher pile creates a thicker feel that insulates best against chills.

In summary, cotton is the most lightweight and breathable and is ideal for warmer weather. Fleece is both breathable and warm, so it would be considered the middle of the three choices, great for all seasons. Serasoft is the warmest fabric of the three, and slightly heavier, so it is ideal for cold weather. Cotton is light, fleece is warmer, and Serasoft is warmest.

All the fabrics have the Forever Safe stripes of 99.9% pure silver woven in. You may notice that they appear different widths apart depending on fabrication. This is because we strategically place the stripes for maximum efficacy. They are placed so that the silver ions are able to cover and protect the entire piece of fabric. The space is not indicative of the potency of that particular blanket or clothing item, as all of the Forever Safe products are equally effective with their protective properties.