Forever Safe™ Benefits Overview

Why Forever Safe?

...because parents want only the best for their baby. Germs are everywhere, and the silver yarns sewn into Forever Safe baby blankets and clothing provides permanent antimicrobial effects to keep the fabric fresh and clean. It's the closest thing to baby's sensitive new skin, so choose an intelligent fabric that is:



The blanket parents hold baby with is an extension of their loving arms. Just like Mom and Dad, it's strong yet loving, gentle yet protective. The natural silver never stops protecting the fabric, just like caretakers never stop working to keep baby safe.

The silver stripes you see are not dyed - they are actually 99.9% pure X-STATIC® silver (more pure than sterling), knitted directly into the fabric. It has the look and feel of traditional textiles, and won't wash out. The stripes are strategically spaced throughout the fabric, so that the product is completely covered by the silver's beneficial properties.

This revolutionary innovation can also be found in healthcare (bye-bye germs) and in workout gear (bye-bye sweat odor). Now we've made it available with our softest fabrics in cotton, fleece and Serasoft® plush, to give baby the best to play and sleep in.


Forever Safe fabric is also odor resistant. Microbes in sweat are what cause undesirable odors. Because X-STATIC silver prevents those microbes from growing, the fabric is fresher-smelling for longer.
(Read more about these anti-odor properties.)


Silver is pure and natural. It is non-toxic in this application, and has no harmful effects. Unlike bleach and other chemicals often used to clean baby blankets, bedding and clothes, silver offers these benefits without added chemicals, irritants or additives.


The benefits of Forever Safe fabric come from its careful fabrication and the addition of X-STATIC silver yarns. Because it is not chemically treated, the fabric remains protected without the use of potentially harmful cleaning agents or surface treatments.

Breathable and Moisture Wicking

To create the ideal sleep environment, in addition to moderating temperature, Forever Safe fabric is breathable and moisture wicking. Air is able to pass freely through the fabric for fresh circulation. Moisture wicking properties draw moisture or sweat away from the skin to the outside of the fabric, where it is released. It is easier for moisture to evaporate from the surface of the fabric rather than trapped between the apparel/bedding and skin.


The silver fiber in Forever Safe fabric is permanent. It cannot wash out, and will last the life of the product.

Mold, Mildew and Dust Mite Resistant

Parents concerned with allergies and irritants can breathe easy knowing that Forever Safe fabric is also mold, mildew and dust mite resistant. The same way in which it inhibits microbes that cause odor, it prevents allergens from growing. Dust mites feed on bacteria. Because silver inhibits bacteria from growing, the dust mites are without a food source, which drives them away.

Temperature Regulating

Babies can wake in the middle of the night because they are too cold or too warm. Forever Safe clothes, blankets, and bedding are all temperature regulating. The silver helps to distribute heat evenly throughout the Forever Safe Fabrics.
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The #1 benefit of silver-infused fabric is that it is antimicrobial, which means that the silver inhibits the growth of microbes directly on the fabric. Microbes are bacteria that can cause disease and infection. They are so tiny that they cannot be seen by the human eye.
(Read more about these antimicrobial properties.)

Forever Safe with X-STATIC technology has a big job to do. Can you say that about your other fabrics?

Products containing X-STATIC solely protect the finished product itself from microbial growth. Any public health claims related to X-STATIC products are expressly limited to products regulated by the FDA and do not apply to products regulated by the EPA.