Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my baby puts the Forever Safe™ blanket or garment in his mouth?

A: It is acceptable for baby to put a Forever Safe product in his mouth. After all, babies explore the world through their mouths! Of course, the products are not to be actually ingested. The EPA has approved X-STATIC® for use in children's products. The amount of silver is small in reality, but a small amount of silver yields large results. X-STATIC silver is a natural, powerful solution.

Q: Is X-STATIC silver non-toxic?

A: X-STATIC is tested and confirmed as non-toxic for babies. Silver is a naturally occurring element. Chemicals are never used. The EPA has approved X-STATIC silver for use in these products.

Q: What is 'X-STATIC'?

A: X-STATIC fibers are permanently bonded with a layer of 99.9% pure metallic silver. This silver layer is the key to X-STATIC's powerful antimicrobial properties, as it creates an ionic shield that permanently inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on our baby blankets and clothing. (Read more about X-STATIC.)

Q: Can Forever Safe products be laundered?

A: Yes, Forever Safe products can be washed normally at home. The X-STATIC silver is permanent and does not wash out. Machine wash cold separately. Tumble dry low. We do not recommend fabric softeners (as it will reduce the silver's ability to do its job). Do not bleach. Bleach will adversely affect its properties. Do not iron.

Q: Can you see the X-STATIC silver in the blankets and clothes or is it invisible?

A: You can see the X-STATIC silver against the cream fabric with your eyes - the silver stripes are 99.9% pure silver, not dyed.

Q: Are the blankets or apparel chemically treated?

A: No. There are no chemicals used. X-STATIC is flexible and soft. It is knitted directly in the fabric during the production process at the mill. It is inseparable from the core of fabric of the blanket or clothes. It is NOT a chemical treatment or layered on top of the product, but rather is intertwined.

Q: Are Forever Safe products anti-static?

A: Yes. The X-STATIC silver-enhanced fabric reduces static cling, meaning that lint will not be attracted to the item. It also reduces the chance of a small static shock that sometimes happens from the friction of laundering.

Q: Can silver reduce dust mites on the fabric?

A: Yes. Dust mites are a common allergen found in bedding. In the study "Laboratory Assessment of the Efficacy of a Fabric Treatment to Control House Dust Mites" sponsored by Noble Biomaterials Europe, they found that X-STATIC silver reduced dust mites in fabric by at least 95%. Bacteria are the food source for dust mites. Because silver inhibits bacteria from growing, the dust mites are without a food source, which prevents them from wanting to live in the fabric. The fabric is an unwelcome home for mites. Please note that any effects are on the fabric only, and this does not extend to the air or environment.

Q: What does antimicrobial mean?

A: Antimicrobial means that it inhibits the growth of microbes. Microbes are bacteria that can cause disease and infection. They are so tiny that they cannot be seen by the human eye. To give you an idea, millions of microbes could fit on the tip of a pencil. (Read more about antimicrobial silver.)

Q: What is the science behind X-STATIC silver's antimicrobial properties?

A: Exposure to oxygen and heat causes silver to oxidize, creating silver ions. Positively charged ions are attracted to negatively charged bacteria. The polar charge drastically inhibits bacteria, preventing mutation and reproduction. There is an unlimited reservoir of silver ions so they never "run out". This proprietary X-STATIC technology is powerful, natural solution for healthier fabrics. (Read more about antimicrobial silver.)

Q: I've heard of using a 'silver spoon' to feed babies. Does this have anything to do with X-STATIC silver?

A: Besides being a modern idiom, the idea of the silver spoon goes back centuries because the silver on the spoon naturally fought disease-causing bacteria, therefore giving the infant the chance at better health. (Typically only wealthy families could afford this, hence comes the phrase 'born with a silver spoon in your mouth'.)

Q: Are there other products on the market that are powered by X-STATIC silver?

A: Proven by Olympic athletes, US Special Forces and NASA Astronauts, X-STATIC delivers unmatched protection and performance. Made with 99.9% pure silver, X-STATIC enhances products with permanent anti-odor and antimicrobial performance. X-STATIC is a proprietary silver-based antimicrobial solution used for mission critical healthcare applications, including advanced wound care, infection control and odor elimination.*

Q: Are the silver stripes in the fabric dyed or colored?

A: The silver stripes are not dyed or colored. The silver-gray stripe is only a result of seeing the 99.9% pure X-STATIC silver that is knitted in.

Q: I've gotten a dark mark from wearing some metals before. Is this a concern with Forever Safe silver?

A: Nickel can cause dark marks on the skin. Some "silver" jewelry, including sterling, is combined with a percentage of nickel. Forever Safe products do not contain nickel, and are 99.9% pure silver, which does not leave any marks.

Q: What fabric is the binding made of that is featured on Forever Safe blankets?

A: The Forever Safe baby and toddler blankets have a binding made of satin fabric. Satin is cool and smooth to the touch.

Q: How can I find out sizing information for Forever Safe products?

A: Specific sizing information is listed on each product's page, on our website. If you have additional questions, please call our Customer Care team at 800-372-2018 or email us at

Q: Do you have clothes for premature babies?

A: We do not feature specific clothing sizes for premature babies at this time, but size small would be the best option for them.

Q: What is a wearable blanket?

A: The wearable blanket is like a dressing gown that is sewn shut at the bottom. It's a rectangular sack that zips up over baby. The zipper is centered on their chest but zips away from the face and mouth so that they cannot play with or chew the zipper. Baby can still kick and move, but he'll always be warm because he can't kick off the blanket. Many parents choose this option because it won't cover the baby's face or interfere with breathing.

Q: What is a Snooze Sack?

A: A Snooze Sack is a wearable baby blanket. The wearable blanket is like a dressing gown that is sewn shut at the bottom. It's a rectangular sack that zips up over baby. The zipper is centered on their chest but zips away from the face and mouth so that they cannot play with or chew the zipper. Baby can still kick and move, but he'll always be warm because he can't kick off the blanket. Many parents choose this option because it won't cover the baby's face or interfere with breathing.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Please visit our Returns page for our full policy.

Q: What is a Never Lost Blankie?

A: Our Never Lost Baby Blankie is a small, square blanket measuring 20 x 20 inches. A satin tab with a snap allows you to loop it around another object and attach it securely. The tab is located on the corner of the blanket. It connects right to your stroller or baby bag so that you'll never be searching for it, and even feisty little ones can't pitch it over the side when you're not looking. That's why we call it 'never lost'.

Q: Do you have adult sized throws or blankets with Forever Safe silver stripes?

A: We do not currently have adult size throws or blankets with X-STATIC technology. However, our toddler blankets are approximately the same size as a regular throw and could be used as such.

Q: What is Genuine Serasoft® fabric?

A: Serasoft fabric feels like a plush toy, such as a teddy bear. Sera means "night" in Italian, thus the plush blanket suggests a Soft Night, conjuring up thoughts of a cozy, comfortable sleep. The height of the fabric fibers is relatively low. Serasoft is one of Berkshire Blanket's exclusive fabrications.

Q: What is peached fleece fabric?

A: Peached fleece is fleece fabric that is brushed in a special way to increase the softness. The fabric fibers have little to no height, and appear relatively flat.

Q: How warm in comparison are the different fabrics?

A: Cotton is the most lightweight and breathable and is ideal for warmer weather. Fleece is both breathable and warm, so it would be considered the middle of the three choices, great for all seasons. Serasoft is the warmest fabric of the three, and slightly heavier, so it is ideal for cold weather. Cotton is light, fleece is warmer, and Serasoft is warmest.

Q: Can I get a sample of Forever Safe fabric?

A: We do not currently offer swatches of Forever Safe fabric.

Q: Do you carry other baby products without X-STATIC?

A: We do have a category with baby and toddler blankets with normal fabric that does not contain silver. We have assorted fun prints! Shop here.

Q: Can I buy Forever Safe in stores?

A: Forever Safe is not currently available in stores. It's offered exclusively here online at You've made it to the right place!

*Products containing X-STATIC solely protect the finished product itself from microbial growth. Any public health claims related to X-STATIC products are expressly limited to products regulated by the FDA and do not apply to products regulated by the EPA.