Forever Safe™ fabrics are naturally odor resistant. Because bacteria (which generate odor-causing byproducts) cannot survive the natural X-STATIC® silver, bedding and clothing are fresher-smelling.

Have you ever experienced pesky odors that stay on your clothes after wearing several times, even after you wash the garment? The silver that is inherent in the fabric prevents this. Bacteria, such as the bacteria found in sweat, are the cause of odor. The antimicrobial properties of X-STATIC inhibit the growth of bacteria on the fabric. Fewer bacteria means less odor.

In addition, X-STATIC silver is a fungistatic. It inhibits the growth of bothersome fungi directly on the surface of the fabric that can breed in moist environments. In adult clothing, this is typically a concern in socks and shoes (the US Army uses socks with this same technology for better foot health); for all ages it is a benefit that always ensures the optimal health of the fabric.

Guard against the growth of odors. Choose better smelling, fresh Forever Safe for baby so you can cherish the smell of their newborn skin without any stink!

For additional questions on odor resistance, please read through our list of frequently asked questions.