Peached Fleece clothes and blankets with pure silver wick moisture, regulate temperature, and stay warm and fuzzy.

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Fitted Crib Sheet in Fleece
Was: $50.00
Now: $25.00
You love our Microfleece™ sheets so much that it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning. We heard you that you wanted them for baby, too, and now we are excited to include the Fitted Crib Sheet in Fleece in our Forever Safe™ line!

  • Sheet size 27 x 51 inches
  • Sheet pocket depth 7 inches
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes
It’s more than a comfy, cozy sheet - the silver stripes also make it antimicrobial so it’s fighting hard against bacteria and odors 24/7. One of silver’s best qualities is that it’s thermodynamic for a peaceful night’s sleep. No more waking up because of overheating! This breathable, moisture wicking sheet will keep baby comfortable all night long.
Toddler Bedding Blanket in Fleece
Was: $90.00
Now: $45.00
Just as you want your toddler to be healthy, the fabrics closest to their face should be healthy too. The Forever Safe™ fleece blanket is a special fabric with silver yarns to prevent the growth of microorganisms. Give your little one the newest technology for sleeping through the night!

  • Blanket size 50 x 60 inches
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes
  • 2 inch satin binding

The blanket is fleecy soft, perfect for nighttime sleep or a naptime cozy. It’s breathable and moisture wicking properties regulate temperature for a good night’s slumber - no more waking from a "hot" sleep.
Travel Sheet in Fleece
Was: $55.00
Now: $28.00
Baby has a great big world to explore and lots of family and friends to meet! When it’s time for a nap, baby can curl up on this cozy fleece sheet. It’s perfect for his or her travel crib or playpen, and a new mommy staple to keep in the baby bag.

  • Sheet size 26.5 x 38.5 inches
  • Shallow sheet pocket depth
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes

The Silver Fiber® is woven within the fabric of the blanket for antimicrobial and anti‑odor action. This on the go sheet goes the extra mile.
Baby Bedding Blanket in Fleece
Was: $75.00
Now: $38.00
As new parents, we do everything we can to protect our little, bright souls. If there was something more you could be doing, wouldn’t you want to know? Now there is another way to protect your baby as he or she sleeps.

  • Blanket size 30 x 40 inches
  • 2 inch satin binding
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes

The fabric in this baby blanket is not only a cozy fleece, but also contains silver that inhibits the growth of microbes and bacteria. You’ll have safer snuggles and warmer cuddles with this fleece.
Snooze Sack Wearable Sleep Blanket in Fleece
Was: $66.00
Now: $33.00
The Snooze Sack zips up over baby to keep him snuggly during naps and nighttime. Baby can still kick and move, but he’ll always be warm because he can’t kick off a loose blanket. Many parents choose the Snooze Sack because it won’t cover the baby’s face and interfere with breathing.

  • Sizes small 0-6 months, medium 6-12 months, and large 12-18 months
  • Fleece fabric
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes
  • Sleeveless

It helps babies sleep longer without waking. Forever Safe™ silver stripes ensure that the fabric is antimicrobial and odor resistant, so that you can wrap your little one in the best and safest fleece.