Temperature Regulation

Forever Safe™ fabrics are thermodynamic. The biophysics of fabric has become widely studied in recent years, most commonly in workout gear to regulate temperature in both warm weather and cold weather climates. Proven by US Special Forces, NASA Astronauts and Olympic athletes, X-Static® silver delivers unmatched protection and performance. That same technology is now available for your baby.

This specialized silver uses the body's natural energy to regulate temperature through heat transfer. Instead of having the body's warmth escape to the cooler air outside, the silver allows heat to be evenly distributed over the clothing or bedding. Forever Safe is perfect for all season comfort.

Heat can also aggravate skin conditions such as eczema. Breathability and evenly distributed warmth allow baby to be comfortable. Our soft, gentle fabric with optimal air flow is the perfect addition to a parent's arsenal to help avoid skin irritations, and soothe an existing rash or rough skin patch.

A brief study of how skiers dress in workout gear is helpful in understanding the power of breathable and moisture-wicking properties. Mountain climates have near-freezing temperatures, so skiers need to dress warmly to prevent hypothermia. However, a short time after grabbing some intense powder, skiers work up a sweat. This can pose a dangerous problem: their skin is now wet. If skiers stop their activity, such as when riding the chair lift, as the sweat evaporates, it can drop their body temperature too low (this is the body's way of naturally cooling down). To prevent the sweat from being trapped under their gear, skiers choose moisture-wicking shirts or pants. The clothes pull the moisture away from the skin and transfer it to the outside of the fabric, where it can evaporate, keeping them dry and safe.

Babies sweat just like adults do. The careful fabrication of our apparel and blankets works the same way as the ski gear - it keeps them at a safe temperature free from excess moisture on the skin - while the silver regulates heat across the surface.

Overall, Forever Safe fabrics create a better environment for sleep. Babies often wake in the middle of the night because they are too hot or too cold. If you could choose to get an extra half hour of rest, would you? By dressing them correctly and using Forever Safe bedding, you might just stop baby from waking up an extra time or two due to discomfort! Remember, the womb is a perfect homeostatic environment regulated by the mother's body, and babies struggle in their first few months to gain control over their body temperature. They need our help!

For additional questions on temperature regulation, please read through our list of frequently asked questions.