Treating Eczema Naturally

New parents have countless questions about newborn health. A common health concern for many newborns is dermatitis, known as eczema, on their face or body. Over 20% of babies experience eczema, which is an auto-immune reaction in the body that causes dry, rough patches of skin. When aggravated from scratching, the dry patch can turn into a sore. Open sores can become infected with bacteria and microbes.

Many parents seek natural, homeopathic remedies for children. There are various products and options for treating skin conditions in babies. But how many of them are suitable for pediatric health? How many of them are non-steroidal, non-toxic, and drug-free? There is no known cure for dermatitis - only options for making it more comfortable.

Soft fabrics are comfortable and soothing for all skin types. Rashes and sores are itchy, so choosing a soft, breathable fabric such as cotton is recommended. Cuddling with something soft psychologically triggers a response of relaxation, and it boosts serotonin, the brain chemical responsible for happiness.

Forever Safe™ with X-STATIC® silver reduces microbial growth on the fabric. It is non-steroidal, non-toxic, and drug-free. Clothes and blankets are the closest thing touching baby's delicate newborn skin. This antimicrobial silver ensures bacteria and microbes are inhibited on the fabric. Forever Safe fabrics are also guarded against degradation from microorganisms.

Baby's bedding and clothing can improve comfort. Children with skin sensitivities or conditions just need a little bit of extra layer of protection.

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