X-STATIC® Silver

X-STATIC silver is knitted directly into Berkshire Blanket's signature cotton, fleece, or Serasoft® fabrics. The silver stripes you see are inherent in the fabric, not dyed - they are 99.9% pure silver (more pure than sterling).

X-STATIC is a proven, cutting-edge, antimicrobial technology that can be found in leading healthcare brands to manage infection and in workout gear to reduce odors. We give it a new job to do: protect baby's bedding and apparel.

Forever Safe™ bedding, clothing and gifts are powered by X-STATIC Antimicrobial Technology. Their team of scientists created this proprietary technology that is knitted right into our baby blankets and clothing. We do what we do best: create cloud-like comfort in our fabrics, and X-STATIC has given us the technology to bring you Forever Safe, a Berkshire Blanket brand.

What does 'enmeshed', 'enhanced' or 'knitted' mean in terms of silver? X-STATIC is flexible and soft. It is knitted like a regular yarn into the fabric during the production process at the mill. It is inseparable from the core of the fabric that makes up the blanket or clothes. It is NOT a chemical treatment or layered on top of the product, but rather is intertwined.

The silver is permanent, irreversibly bonded to the nylon core of the yarn so that it cannot wash out. It has been tested and proven to last through the lifetime of the product. Forever Safe products can be laundered normally at home. See the care tab on our product pages for specific washing instructions.

X-STATIC is non-toxic...The EPA has approved X-STATIC for use in children's products - and yes, they know how babies love to put things in their mouths! The amount of X-STATIC is small in reality, but a small amount yields large results. X-STATIC silver is a natural, powerful solution.

For additional questions on X-STATIC Antimicrobial Technology, please read through our list of frequently asked questions.