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Velvet Plush Luxury Pillow
Was: $30.00
Now: $18.00
The high sheen, velvety romance of the Velvet Plush Throw is now available in a faux fur pillow! Create a matching set with this fantastic jewel blue hue for a pop of color. And this isn’t just another pretty pillow. The fine Velvet Plush also feels incredible against the skin.

  • Fabric: Faux Fur (acrylic/polyester blend)
  • Size: 18 x 18 inch square
  • Warmth: All season décor
  • Reverse: Pillow back is smooth Polymink in the same color as the faux fur
  • Fabric height: High
Leopard Print Bedding Sheets
Was: $46.00 - $58.00
Now: $36.00 - $46.00
Are you on the hunt for bedding that’s a bit on the wild side? Then look no further than these leopard print sheets! The muted mocha spots make a statement without being too bold.

  • All sheet sets include a fitted bottom sheet and a flat top sheet.
  • Luxurious softness, superior comfort, non-pilling microfibers.
  • Bonus pillowcases! The King set comes with 4 king size pillowcases, the Queen and Full sets each come with four standard pillowcases, and the Twin includes two standard pillowcases.
  • See all of our Animal Print Sheets.

Made from our legendary microfleece, these sheets are amazingly soft and breathable for year round comfort. This set contains bonus pillowcases so that you can add more pillows without having to buy anything extra or resort to plain fabrics.

Please see the “Size & Fit” tab for detailed sizing information.


Jungle Safari Baby Quilt with Satin Binding
Was: $35.00
Now: $30.00
Love the jungle baby theme but not a fan of muted colors? We’ve given safari nursery bedding a modern twist with our boldly colored baby blanket.

  • Fabric: Polymink
  • Size: 35 x 45 inches
  • Matching minky crib sheets also available.
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 1 inch satin binding
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: Low
  • Warmth: All season

You can almost hear the parade of exotic animals as they stroll across the face of our uncommonly soft and cozy quilt!

Our smooth plush Polymink fabric has a cuddly feel that baby will adore. The satin binding gives this crib blanket a decorative touch and a silky edge for little ones to rub against their face as they settle in for the night. We’ve also added a light fill to give our baby quilts extra softness and warmth.
Genuine Serasoft® Blanket - Discounted Colors
Our genuine Serasoft plush bed blankets are a must-have layer for every bed! Warm and soft, you’ll look forward to cuddling with it each night. We discounted these select colors to make room for this year’s palette, giving you a great opportunity to scoop up a classic blanket for a fraction of the price.

Looking for more choices? Check out our other Serasoft blankets.

  • Fabric: Serasoft
  • Size: This warm blanket comfortably fits twin, full, queen, and king sized beds. The twin is 60 x 90, full/queen is 90 x 90, and the king is 108 x 90 inches.
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 1 inch stitched
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: Low
  • Low fabric height makes it pill- and shed-resistant
  • Warmth: All season
Bunnysoft™ Plush Baby Blanket
Designed with your baby in mind, this Bunnysoft™ fabric has ultra‑fine fibers for the softest handfeel out of all our plush blankets. It’s the fabric our blanket lovers go gaga over because it’s softer than anything they’ve ever felt. A perfect way to welcome any little guy or girl to their new crib!

  • Fabric: Bunnysoft ultra-fine plush
  • Size: 30 x 40 inches
  • Warmth: All season
  • Movability: Wrap and cuddle
  • Reverse: Bunnysoft reverses to Polymink
  • Border: 4 inch stitched
  • Fabric height: Low
Cozy Plush Throw – Geometric Patterns
Was: $32.00
Now: $28.00
This irresistible throw has it all! Perfect for kids to nap with, cuddle on the couch, keep cozy while studying, or you can even throw it on the floor at playtime to create a soft surface to lay on! It’s just the right size to be used as a toddler bed comforter too.

  • Fabric: Pongee and Shearling
  • Size: 50 x 60 inches
  • See all of our Cozy Plush Throws.
  • Movability: Holds shape, like a light comforter
  • Border: 0.5 inch Pongee binding
  • Reverse: Printed Pongee reverses to Shearling
  • Fabric height: Pongee, none; Shearling, medium
  • Warmth: All season

There’s a modern geometric pattern on the smooth, cool Pongee side and a snuggly Shearling plush on the other. A hypoallergenic down alternative fill gives it some extra warmth and softness. Choose from the futuristic Blue Boxes print or the pretty Pink Polka Dots print.
Serasoft® Reversible Girls' Comforter & Sham Set
Was: $52.00 - $72.00
Now: $30.00 - $44.00
A new take on our signature style of comfort brings you the printed Serasoft® comforter. In 2004 Berkshire Blanket introduced Serasoft fabric…and now there are more patterns than ever to choose from! This supple reversible comforter has a cool, breathable microfiber side for warm nights, and a thick, cozy Serasoft side for cold nights. This bedding innovation will transform your bedroom year-round. Comes with pillow shams!
Diamond Sweater Knit Blanket
Was: $198.00 - $264.00
Now: $140.00 - $190.00
Knit blankets are beautiful but usually aren’t known for exceptional warmth. Place the Diamond Sweater Knit Blanket cozily atop your bed to add texture and woven softness.

  • Fabric: Cotton/acrylic blend
  • Size: Comfortably fits twin, full, queen and king sized beds. The twin is 60 x 90, full/queen is 90 x 90 and the king is 108 x 90 inches.
  • Warmth: Heavyweight
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 0.75 inch ribbed knit binding with rounded corners
  • Reverse: Sherpa
  • Fabric height: Knit, none; Sherpa, medium

Get ready to knit a little happiness into your home with this gorgeous and functional bed blanket. It reverses to Sherpa, the very plushest fleece. You’ll be stylishly toasty all winter long.
VelvetLoft® Body Pillow - Floral Coral Print
Was: $80.00
Now: $64.00
Don’t spend your night tossing and turning. Cozy up to our floral trellis body pillow in a happy coral color. It’s covered in our velvety plush VelvetLoft fabric and moderately stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fill to be firm yet squishably huggable. You’ll find the perfect sleeping position in no time.

  • Fabric: VelvetLoft
  • Size: 20 x 54 inches
  • Warmth: All season décor
  • Fabric height: Medium

Mix and match with other coordinating bedding décor pieces in our on-trend BB Unique Teen Bedding Collection.
Baby Doe Print Velvet Plush Square Pillow
Every hunter or lover of the rustic look needs these pillows! The pale spotted deer faux fur looks just like that of a baby doe.

  • Fabric: Faux Fur (acrylic/polyester blend)
  • Size: 18 x 18 inches square
  • Reverse: Pillow back is light tan Polymink
  • Fabric height: Velvet Plush, high; Polymink, low
  • Warmth: All season décor
  • Matching throw also available

Soft and velvety, they’re as nice to touch as they are to look at. Toss these faux fur pillows on a couch, chair, or bed for an easy and instant décor update.
Cuddly Buddies® Pillow - Jessie Giraffe
Was: $28.00
Now: $20.00
Jessie Giraffe is off-white with a cute tail and spots on his back!

  • Pillow size 14 x 17 inches
  • Round
  • Shearling fabric
  • Matching throw available

Our Cuddly Buddies animal pillows are round, ball‑shaped, and always ready for a hug. Their friendly faces, arms, legs and tail stick out of the pillow, and they look adorable sitting on a bed or shelf.
Cuddly Buddies® Throw - Year of the Ox
Was: $36.00
Now: $25.00
This Cuddly Buddies ox sure is special! He was created in honor of the Year of the Ox, a sign on the Chinese Zodiac, and features a nougat colored body with big white eyes, brown spots, and horns. He's a perfect match for children born in 2009, or any child who would have fun snuggling with the softest ox around.

  • Size: 40 x 50 inches
  • Shearling plush fabric
  • Wearable as a costume, robe, or blanket
  • Limited edition

Part of our “Chinese Year Of” limited edition collection of Cuddly Buddies throws, our wearable blanket represents the year of the ox. People born under this sign are said to be reliable, honest and ambitious. The Chinese zodiac cycles every 12 years, so if you know someone who was born in 2009, 1997, 1985, etc., they are "ox" and need one of these!
Glam Girl Cozy Throw Set
A gift for your super fab BFF or the glamorous girl in your life! She can curl up with the cozy Serasoft throw and keep her tootsies warm with the non-slip slipper socks. The socks have a cable knit pattern, pink bow, and are furry inside.

  • Fabric: Serasoft
  • Size: Throw blanket is 50 x 60 inches
  • Warmth: All season
  • Gift bag
  • Slipper socks
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: Low

Comes in a polka dot bag that’s ready for gifting! And she can reuse the bag for a shopping day out with the girls. This is a great gift for the fashionista.
2 Pack All Season Baby Blanket Gift Set
Was: $135.00
Now: $60.00
Baby blankets often become keepsakes because they remind parents of a time when they welcomed their newborn into the world. In this two pack, you get one cotton blanket and one Serasoft® plush blanket that are functional for all seasons and can also be cherished over time.

  • Size 30 x 40 inches
  • One blanket is cotton knit and the second is Serasoft.
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes
  • 2 inch satin binding
  • Great for summer, winter, or all season weather

They make a unique shower gift because these blankets are different from all the rest out there - they are specially made with silver technology that is antimicrobial, temperature regulating, and odor resistant. The blankets work intelligently to keep baby safe and warm!
Bamboo Grey Ombre Stripe Bed Blanket
Was: $130.00 - $160.00
Now: $65.00 - $80.00
Invite ambiance with the cool faded ombré of this bed blanket while you slip underneath its softness. Alternating dark and light gray stripes of all-natural, eco-friendly bamboo create a classic yet trendy look.

  • Fabric: Rayon made from bamboo and cotton blend
  • Size: Full/Queen is 90 x 90 and the King is 108 x 90 inches.
  • Warmth: All season
  • <li>Movability: Drapable
  • Reverse: Same
  • Border: 1 inch stitched
  • Fabric height: Low
  • Part of our BB Décor Collection of luxury throws and blankets.
Blue Ridge Canyon Neckroll Pillow
Was: $20.00
Now: $14.00
The Blue Ridge Canyon collection wouldn’t be complete without this neckroll with quilted ridges all the way around. Featuring our silky plush VelvetLoft® fabric in a bright blue color, this pillow has a soft touch and a light sheen to delight the senses. Toss it, stack it, or tuck it behind your neck!

Peaceful Pebble Reversible Quilt & Sham Bedding Set
Was: $98.00 - $162.00
Now: $88.00 - $145.00
This quilted set calls to mind the tranquility of a peaceful waterfall gently cascading on pebbles. Puffy squares stitched in various sizes mimic the look of Zen stones. This bedding set reverses to the soft Shimmersoft™ plush fabric you love to cozy up with to create an oasis of comfort.

  • Fabric: Pongee and Shimmersoft
  • Size: The twin is 60 x 90, the full/queen is 86 x 90, and the king is 108 x 86 inches.
  • Warmth: All season
  • Border: 0.5 inch Pongee binding
  • Reverse: Shimmersoft
  • Fabric height: Pongee, none; Shimmersoft, medium
  • Matching decorative pillows and throw also available.

Each quilted mini set comes with a comforter and matching shams. Shams: Twin comes with one 27 x 21 inch standard size sham, full/queen has two standard shams, and king has two 37 x 21 inch king size shams.


Cozy Plush Throw – Floral Prints
Was: $32.00
Now: $28.00
This irresistible throw has it all! There’s a flower pattern on the smooth, cool Pongee side and a snuggly shearling plush on the other. A hypoallergenic down alternative fill gives it some extra warmth and softness.

  • Fabric: Pongee and Shearloft
  • Size: 50 x 60 inches
  • See all of our Cozy Plush Throws.
  • Movability: Holds shape, like a light comforter
  • Border: 0.5 inch Pongee binding
  • Reverse: Printed Pongee reverses to Shearling
  • Fabric height: Pongee, none; Shearling, medium
  • Warmth: All season

Perfect for cuddling on the couch or keeping cozy while reading. Lay it on the floor for a soft surface for the kids at playtime. It can even be used as a toddler comforter! Choose from the big, bold blooms of the Teal Floral print or the pretty, pastel petals of the Periwinkle Blue print.


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