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Microloft Super-Soft Blanket
Was: $22.00 - $42.00
Now: $17.00 - $32.00
This durable, smooth and lofty fleece blanket provides the best layering capabilities and all season comfort. With revolutionary pill resistant technology, this blanket is endlessly durable and one of the softest fleeces you'll ever experience.

  • Fabric: Microfleece
  • Size: Comfortably fits twin, full, queen and king sized beds. The twin is 60 x 90, full/queen is 90 x 90 and the king is 108 x 90 inches.
  • Warmth: All-season
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 1 inch stitched
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: Low

Voted by Good Housekeeping Research Institute as 2010’s "Toastiest Blanket".
Chenille Chunky Knit Throw
Was: $46.00
Now: $35.00
Our bold, eye-catching blankets are crafted from our quality chenille yarns for softness and durability. The thick, chunky cable knit pattern gives it a handmade sweater look, just like grandma would have knit.

  • Fabric: Chenille
  • Size: 50 x 70 inches.
  • Warmth: All season
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 2 inch rib knit
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: Low

Handsomely draped over the edge of a sofa or keeping you cozy while you relax, our classically styled chenille throw both looks and feels amazing. The perfect accent for any décor and season!
Serasoft® Reversible Girls' Comforter & Sham Set
A new take on our signature style of comfort brings you the printed Serasoft® comforter. In 2004 Berkshire Blanket introduced Serasoft fabric…and now there are more patterns than ever to choose from! This supple reversible comforter has a cool, breathable microfiber side for warm nights, and a thick, cozy Serasoft side for cold nights. This bedding innovation will transform your bedroom year-round. Comes with pillow shams!
Bunnysoft™ Floor Pouf Pillow
Was: $44.00
Now: $29.00
Sit on them, put your feet up on them, or lay on them…our floor pouf pillows are meant to be flopped on. Our plush Bunnysoft™ fabric gives these relaxing pillows a silky soft hand feel. A mix of bright and neutral colors makes them equally at home in the kids’ room or study nook as they are in the living room.

  • Fabric: Bunnysoft
  • Size: 26 inches across, 8 inches high
  • Warmth: All season décor
  • Fabric height: Low

Moderately stuffed with polyester fill for a medium firmness that gives a little when you lay or sit on it. They’re just like our comfy throw pillows but supersized for the floor!


Carry-On Travel Bag with Fleece Throw
Was: $39.00
Now: $30.00
Chilly AC on your flight? No problem when you have this travel set from us, your favorite comfort makers. This fleece throw has cut outs so that you can strap your seatbelt over the throw - an airline safety regulation.

Check out the bag’s travel friendly features:
  • A special grommet for your sunglasses in the front
  • Outside boarding pass pocket
  • Water bottle secure elastic
  • Inside pocket to store the airplane throw, size 50 x 68 inches
  • Single strap
  • Extra space for touch screen devices, magazines, or other essentials

It’s light, yet warm, and will remind you of your own bed (Wah! I miss you already!) when you’re snoozing on the flight. It comes in our carry-on travel bag, equipped with all the organizational nooks of a great tote.
VelvetLoft® Boudoir Decorative Pillows
Was: $32.00
Now: $24.00
Our VelvetLoft boudoir pillows look and feel amazing. The velvety plush fabric has a gentle shimmer that gleams in the light. Mix and match the coordinating colors together or pair with our matching VelvetLoft bed blankets.

These exceptionally soft, handsome pillows are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms alike.
Aerosoft™ Puffy Quilted Throw
Was: $43.00
Now: $22.00
Sophisticated quilting and lush, deep colors make this throw a timeless charm. The puffy diamond pattern has a pleasing style for both the modern and the traditional home. Soft polymink is low pile and smooth to the touch.

  • Fabric: Polymink
  • Size: 50 x 70 inches
  • Warmth: Heavyweight
  • Movability: Holds shape
  • Border: Thin edge
  • Reverse: Smooth polymink that is stitched through
  • Fabric height: Low

It has enough body to hold its shape on the living room furniture, and the quilting allows it to retain heat to truly chase away the chill. Picture the texture and poise that will be added to your room with this draped over the winged back chair or leather sofa.
Microfleece™ Air Mattress Sheets
Was: $65.00 - $75.00
Now: $49.00 - $56.00
Make your air mattress comfy with our thoughtfully crafted fleece air mattress sheets! The fitted sheet is has an insulating layer that prevents the mattress from stealing your body heat as you sleep.

  • All fleece air mattress sheet sets include a fitted bottom sheet and attached flat top sheet.
  • Luxurious softness, superior comfort, pill-resistant microfibers.
  • The fitted sheet is lightly filled and quilted.

The heavyweight Microfleece top sheet is attached at the bottom of the fitted sheet so that it can’t be kicked off during the night or get misplaced when you store the set in your closet. And the non-slip grippers on the bottom ensure that the sheet stays put, so it won’t bunch up or slide off. Pair our air mattress sheets with fleece pillow cases or plush blankets for the ultimate in comfort.
Baby Layette Gift Set
Was: $120.00
Now: $60.00
This Baby Layette Gift set is a lovely baby shower gift. It is a complete set with a hat, sleep gown, and baby blanket! The gown is long sleeved with an elastic bottom for easy diaper changes. Already packaged in a gift box, the set is ready for gifting.

  • Small is 0-6 months and medium is 6-12 months
  • Includes hat, bundler, and baby blanket 30 x 40 inches
  • X-STATIC pure silver stripes
  • li>Baby blanket has 2 inch satin binding

Just picture how cute baby will look with his or her little hat on! The silver stripes against a cream background is a perfect gender‑neutral choice. This gift shows extra love and care because the Forever Safe™ X‑STATIC® silver technology makes the fabric antimicrobial and odor resistant. It’s also temperature regulating so that baby is always comfy, and mom can rest knowing the clothes are doing the work for her. A modern, innovative gift to welcome baby!
Discounted Egyptian Cotton Diamond Weave Blanket
Was: $28.00 - $47.00
Now: $25.00 - $40.00
These first quality Egyptian cotton bed blankets are in pristine condition. The packaging covering them? Not so much. They’ve seen some things and had a few dings. If you don’t mind torn or taped plastic packaging, this is a fabulous deal on natural fiber blankets. These lightweight blankets make a great decorative top-of-bed cover in warmer weather or can be added as a layer to cold weather bedding. Twin is 66 x 90, Full/Queen is 90 x 90 and the King is 108 x 90 inches. Quantities are limited so act fast—these won’t last!

By purchasing these products you agree to these terms of sale:

  • You acknowledge that you are purchasing merchandise that is non-returnable for any reason other than product quality warranty issues.
  • These are first quality blankets but the packaging is damaged. Be advised that these would not be ideal for gift giving in the current packaging.
  • Quantities of each color/size are limited.


Fountain Scroll VelvetLoft® Scarf
Was: $18.00
Now: $9.00
Have you ever been nestled in a blanket and thought about how comfortable you would be if you could wear it everywhere you went? That's exactly how we felt when we created our Fountain Scroll VelvetLoft Blanket... so we made it into a scarf! Now you can take the shimmer of Velvetloft and our beautifully textured Fountain Scroll pattern with you no matter where you go!

Sablesoft™ Colored Leaves Throw
Was: $43.00
Now: $22.00
Sablesoft™ is a mink fabric that makes a luxe décor throw. This print shows foliage in a subdued print that’s appropriate for all seasons. It takes the edge off of chills, but won’t overheat you. Slink this mink over the arm of a leather sofa or leave it on the reading room chair for comfort.

  • Fabric: Sablesoft
  • Size: 60 x 70 inches
  • Warmth: All season
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 1 inch stitched
  • Reverse: Same
  • Fabric height: Low

This is also a top choice for a housewarming gift because the print is interesting, fun, and looks luxe, but will match a variety of décor. It has that something extra for a plush throw.
Plush Reversible Down-Alternative Throw
Was: $45.00
Now: $34.00
A steaming mug of hot cocoa, a crackling fire, and this comfy throw are all you need to relax when the cold wind blows. The velvety smooth Velvet Mink side reverses to a plush faux fur on the other, giving this throw blanket a decorative look and two soft textures to enjoy.

  • Fabric: Velvet Mink
  • Size: 50 x 70 inches
  • Warmth: Heavyweight
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Border: 1/2 inch Velvet Mink binding
  • Reverse: Faux Fur
  • Fabric height: Velvet Mink is low; faux fur is medium

It’s filled with thick batting for extra warmth, with boxed quilting and a Velvet Mink binding for finishing touches.
2 Pack All Season Baby Blanket Gift Set
Was: $135.00
Now: $68.00
Baby blankets often become keepsakes because they remind parents of a time when they welcomed their newborn into the world. In this two pack, you get one cotton blanket and one Serasoft® plush blanket that are functional for all seasons and can also be cherished over time.

  • Size 30 x 40 inches
  • One blanket is cotton knit and the second is Serasoft.
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes
  • 2 inch satin binding
  • Great for summer, winter, or all season weather

They make a unique shower gift because these blankets are different from all the rest out there - they are specially made with silver technology that is antimicrobial, temperature regulating, and odor resistant. The blankets work intelligently to keep baby safe and warm!
Polarfleece® Sheets with Extra Pillowcases
Was: $60.00
Now: $45.00
Do you like lots of pillows on your bed? Then you’ll love this bedding set! Made using our super soft heavyweight Polarfleece® fabric, these sheets include twice the number of pillowcases of our traditional set. No need to buy matching pillowcases or mix in extras from other sets.

  • All sheet sets include a fitted bottom sheet and a flat top sheet.
  • Luxurious softness, easy care, non‑pilling microfibers.
  • The King, Queen and Full sets each come with four pillowcases, and the Twin includes two pillowcases.

And of course, they have everything else you love about our non-pilling microfleece. These temperature regulating sheets are just right year round. Extra warm when you need them to be and breathable and moisture wicking when you need to stay cool.

Please see the “Size & Fit” tab for detailed sizing information.
Damask VelvetLoft® Throw
Was: $27.00
Now: $24.00
This print, Maison Damask, was created after designer Nicole took a recent trip to Boston with some friends. As she walked through the lobby of her hotel, the damask wallpaper instantly caught her attention.

  • Fabric: VelvetLoft
  • Size: 50 x 60 inches
  • Warmth: Heavyweight
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Reverse: Same
  • Border: 1 inch stitched
  • Fabric height: Medium

The beautiful floral silhouettes, intricate textures, and metallic accents give this traditional pattern a great updated look. Plus the VelvetLoft fabric is so plush and luxe to the touch....a delightful damask!
Cuddly Buddies® Throw – Year of the Tiger
Was: $36.00
Now: $25.00
Tigers may have a fierce reputation, but this big softy is a lovie at heart! Our handsome guy has bright orange fur, black stripes, and a long, swinging tail. Generously sized mittens help keep hands in place (no floppy paws!) when he’s ready to pounce on his next unsuspecting victim—for hugs, of course.

  • Size: 40 x 50 inches
  • Shearling plush fabric
  • Wearable as a costume, robe, or blanket
  • Limited edition

Part of our “Chinese Year Of” limited edition collection of Cuddly Buddies throws, our wearable blanket represents the year of the tiger. People born under this sign are said to be charming, brave, and generous. Most recently, 2010 was the year of the tiger. The Chinese zodiac cycles every 12 years, so if you know someone who was born in 2010, 1998, 1986, etc., they are "tigers" and need one of these!

Please note that there is a label at the back of the neck (not shown in photos) that you may want to remove before wearing.
Baby Body Suit and Pant Set in Cotton
Was: $52.00
Now: $26.00
Our baby body suit PLUS pants are featured in this set! Apparel is the closest thing to a baby’s body, which is so important for their delicate and fragile new skin. This cotton body suit is soft and soothing for all skin types, and snaps at the bottom for easy diaper changes.

  • Sizes small 0-3 months, medium 3-6 months, and large 6-12 months
  • Cotton fabric
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes
  • Body suit has short sleeves
  • Snaps at bottom for easy diaper changes

Pants with elastic waist keep legs warm, or can easily be removed for warmer days. Germs are everywhere. Silver stripes intertwined with the body suit and pant fabric inhibit the growth of microbes and bacteria, continuously working while baby is playing and sleeping.
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