Baby Gifts Cute and practical baby blankets - find your unique baby shower gift that will make them go ga-ga.

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Never Lost Baby Blankie
Was: $24.00
Now: $17.00
Our Never Lost Baby Blankie, measuring 20 x 20 inches, connects right to your stroller or baby bag so that you’ll never be searching for it. It features a satin tab secured with a snap on the corner, so simply loop it around and attach! The fabric is plush and soft Serasoft®.

  • Blankie size 20 x 20 inches
  • Genuine Serasoft fabric
  • X‑STATIC® pure silver stripes
  • 1 inch satin binding

We made this blankie with your busy lifestyle in mind. It features silver stripes that are antimicrobial, so if laundry isn’t on your to‑do list today, you can be confident that any microbes or bacteria are inhibited from growing. Plus, it’s odor‑resistant!
Polymink Fitted Crib Sheets
Babies can sleep up to 20 hours a day—even though it may not feel like it to a sleep deprived parent! With all that time spent off in dreamland, little ones deserve a bed that’s as cozy and soft as can be.

Our indulgently plush minky crib sheet has a silky smooth feel to help comfort baby all night long. They’re perfect for the baby nursery or the big, exciting leap to a toddler bed.
VelvetLoft® Plush Baby Blanket
Parents looking to break out of pink and blue or waiting to find out baby’s gender will love this neutral palette, while babies will love the cozy softness of this baby blanket.

  • Fabric: VelvetLoft
  • Size: 30 x 40 inches
  • Warmth: All season
  • Movability: Wrap and cuddle
  • Reverse: Same
  • Border: 1 inch stitched
  • Fabric height: Medium

Our refined gender neutral colors are just right for modern baby girls and baby boys. Made from our velvety plush VelvetLoft fabric, this baby blanket is snuggly soft and not too heavy for just-right warmth that doesn’t overheat.
Heavyweight Microfleece™ Crib Sheet
The Microfleece that parents love is even better for babies. Why? Aside from being soft and snuggly, our polyester fleece is hypoallergenic, perfect for protecting developing immune systems. And unlike cotton, when our moisture-wicking fleece crib sheets get wet (accidents happen!) the fabric won’t feel cold and soaking wet against baby’s skin.

  • Fabric: Microfleece
  • Size: Standard crib mattress size for cribs and toddler beds.
  • Warmth: All season heavyweight
  • Luxurious softness, superior comfort, pill‑resistant microfibers.
  • Don’t miss our baby blankets and toddler bedding collection.

Our heavyweight baby and toddler fitted crib sheets are also exceptionally breathable to help keep little ones at just the right temperature all night long. And the neutral cream color coordinates with any boy or girl nursery bedding set. It’s a must have item for every new parent!
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