Luxury Throws

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Leopard Print Velvet Plush Luxury Throw
Curl up by the fire or bring some cozy and chic style into the bedroom with this Velvet Plush grey leopard print faux fur throw. Leopard print is a timeless pattern that endures as a statement of classy elegance year after year.

  • Fabric: Faux Fur (acrylic/polyester blend)
  • Size: 50 x 70 inches
  • Warmth: Heavyweight
  • Movability: Holds shape
  • Border: none
  • Reverse: Polymink
  • Fabric height: Velvet Plush, high; Polymink, low
  • Matching Leopard Print Pillow also available.
  • Thick and warm, this gorgeous blanket is as nice to snuggle up with as it is to decorate with. It's unbonded for a looser feel, and reverses to low pile, plush, black Polymink on the back.


Norwegian Furry Luxe Throw
Inspired by the fjords of Norway, we bring you this furry luxe throw. Both fashionable and practical, you’ll want to include this faux fur in your comfort oasis. It makes a great day accent at the foot of the bed, but you’ll be reaching to curl up with it at night.

  • Fabric: Faux fur
  • Size: 50 x 70 inches
  • Warmth: Heavyweight
  • Movability: Drapable
  • Reverse: Faux fur reverses to fleece
  • Border: None
  • Fabric height: Medium

You’ll hold it tight as you sink into the delicate softness of the plush fur. As you drift off to’ll wonder how you’ll ever get up in the morning.
Ribbed Mink Faux Fur Throw
Was: $135.00
Now: $67.00
There is nothing faux‑looking or feeling about this haute creation. Channels of faux mink run down its length, in snowy white or night sky black. The ribs of fur feel luxurious and stand out on white, but add subtle interest to the black mink. Real fur has nothing on this throw – except a guilty conscience.

  • Fabric: Faux Fur (acrylic/polyester blend)
  • Size: 50 x 70 inches
  • Warmth: Heavyweight
  • Movability: Thick, holds shape
  • Border: 1.5 inch Polymink
  • Reverse: Faux fur reverses to smooth Polymink
  • Fabric height: High

Pair it with these home décor inspirations: fireplace, animal mounts, leather sofa, or rich wood paneling. Looks fabulous with our matching pillow in black.
Luxury begins at home, with the materials and styles that surround us. Fashion throw blankets present an opportunity to adorn home furnishings with décor that is suited to our tastes, and changeable with the seasons.

Impeccably created of the highest quality fabrics and yarns, our luxe throws include faux fur throws you'd confuse with the real thing - no animals had to suffer for your style.

Our woven and knit throws complement a sophisticated home while remaining a practical addition to your living spaces. As comfortable as a decorative piece as they are integrated into a casual lifestyle, our luxurious throw blankets are designed for years of use and display.
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