•  New Comforters
  • Harvest Slumber Collection
  • Reversible Velvetloft
They're all soft & cozy
but only one is you.
  • VelvetLoft®
    Velvety Plush
    VelvetLoft blankets, bedding, toss pillows, and throws are velvety plush with a sleek feel and delightful sheen.
  • Serasoft®
    Classic Plush
    Serasoft is our original plush fabric for blankets, throws, bedding and toss pillows, soft and cuddly for every day.
  • Shearloft™
    Warmer Plush
    Shearloft fabric is our warm, furry plush for blankets, bedding and throws for babies, kids, and adults.
  • Extra-Fluffy™
    Furry Plush
    Extra-Fluffy has a deep, furry plush that gives it a soft feel and excellent warmth, without a lot of weight.
  • PrimaLush™
    Lavish Plush
    PrimaLush has a refined hand and a natural "young fur" feel for superbly soft and silky plush blankets, throws, & pillows.
  • Microfleece™
    All-season Comfort
    Microfleece is softer and more durable than ordinary fleece for pill-resistant blankets, sheets, throws, and bedding.
Harvest Slumber
Bedding Collection
Keep warm as the leaves fall
and winter's chill sets in
Heavenly Sheets in
Plush & Fleece
Find your perfect match
in sets or separates
Get Cozy
with our
Fall Collection
Warm sheets, blankets & more.
Snuggle up with
New Comforters
Get cozy with new comforters
in PrimaLush & Serasoft