Storage Bag Card Designs

Clean and fresh? Check.
Organized? Check.
Giftable? Check.

Your linen closet will never be the same again! Our Storage and Gift Bag securely holds all of your off-season blankets, bedding, pillows and throws. Everything comes out just as clean and fresh as the day you put it away.

This dust bag also doubles as cute (and functional!) instant gift wrap for all of your Berkshire Blanket gifts.  Who wouldn’t love a little extra WOW with their blanket?

Organizing your blanket storage has never been easier. This generously sized bag is big enough to hold most sized bed blankets, sheets, throws, an 18”x18” pillow, or two neck roll pillows.

A handy pocket on the bottom of the bag—easily viewable when it’s stacked on the closet shelf—labels your items for storage.  You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in an instant, no digging required. Create a stylish card with our free downloadable card designs and slip it into the pocket.

Card Design 1:
Card Design 2:

To use the designs:

  • You’ll need the free program Adobe Acrobat to open the file (download Acrobat here)
  • Select the design you want and click on it to download
  • Open the file and print (you may need to select “Actual Size” from your print options)
  • We suggest printing on 8 ½” x 11” card stock for durability
  • Write what the bag contains on the card, cut along the dotted line, and slide it into the dust bag window pocket.
  • Store your bedding on the shelf.
  • Admire your handiwork. You are the queen of organizing!

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